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The SX Business Team is very knowledgeable, responsive and meets all of my company accounting and client reporting needs. Since engaging SX I have been able to focus on growing my business knowing the SX team is handling the back office. I highly recommend their services.

K. David Meit

President & CEO, Oculus Realty

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By Lindsay Van Kauwenberg 06 Jan, 2022
Do you have your 2022 resolutions mapped out for your business? Maybe it is time to rebrand? Update your website? Increase your online sales? May we suggest one you haven't considered? Or were apprehensive to consider? Outsourcing your finance and accounting duties to alleviate time and cost, allows you to focus on the more important aspects of the business. Since its inception, SX Business Services has been helping our clients learn the value of outsourced real estate accounting. By allowing us to manage their finance and accounting practices, our clients have more time and money to dedicate towards company goals and other priorities of managing the business. By focusing on the other priorities of reaching company goals they are able to run a more successful business. Outsourcing was a steady trend prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic proved the strength in utilizing outsourcing for businesses, by allowing important functions of the business to continue without interruption from employee absence, or local restrictions. Outsourcing is a persistent and growing trend for businesses of all sizes, for a number of important reasons. There are many supporting functions in business that are required to keep a company operating, but the internal cost of having employees on the payroll in these roles is often not the best way to meet the need. Real Estate Businesses that are equipped with an outsourced accounting solution are well positioned to keep financial operations running smoothly amid any interruptions; local restrictions; employee illness or death; vacation; maternity/paternity leave. The ability to be agile to meet the evolving demand will be a leading indicator of business growth and success. A trusted accounting outsourcing provider can help businesses remain agile and take advantage of economic opportunity. Outsourced financial operations also provide organizations with a high degree of scalability. Not all outsourced accounting firms are the same. Outsourced accounting operations provided by a trusted partner can help position an organization to seamlessly deal with the complexities associated with running a business. The depth of services and collaboration found within a reputable service provider can help organizations modernize expertise, fast-track opportunities and improve synergies. Outsourcing through a firm with diverse knowledge and a depth of expertise can better position real estate businesses to navigate opportunities even in a remote work environment. One of the most critical considerations when choosing a respected outsourced accounting provider is the firm’s technical expertise. A knowledgeable and competent partner can help business owners avoid having to wade through the abundance of new legislation and take advantage of accounting and finance opportunities being created through a volume of new rules, regulations, loan options and income tax changes. Businesses are relying on their trusted advisors’ know-how now more than ever. The move toward technology-based communication has accelerated through programs like Skype, Teams and Zoom. These technologies have temporarily replaced face-to-face meetings with virtual meetings. Although there is still innate value associated with in-person meetings, it seems clear that technology-based communication is here for the long term. The finance and accounting outsourcing industry is experiencing a similar technological trajectory. Real Estate businesses already working with a trusted outsourced accounting provider are likely reaping the accounting, finance and communication benefits. Real estate companies considering acquiring the benefits of real estate outsourced accounting should schedule a consultation today to discuss how SX Business Services can assist your business!
By Lindsay Van Kauwenberg 16 Dec, 2021
Kathie Tripodi, Accounts Payable Associate
By Lindsay Van Kauwenberg 01 Oct, 2021
SX Business Services Employee Spotlight: Jiangtian “Jane” Zhang, Staff Accountant
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